Jackie StevensJackie Stevens

In our office we do individual tax returns, business and small corporation tax returns.  Plus we will work with your CPA, if you have one or we can recommend a CPA. 


Most returns are done by appointments  and generally you will leave the office with your return in hand.  We file are returns that are eligible electronically and you may have your refunds direct deposited into your bank account or the check can be mailed to your home address.  If there is an issue with the IRS we are willing to help you find out what the problem is but we are limited as to what they will tell us. 


We do not offer the rapid refund loans where you get your money in two days.  Nor do we take our fees from your refund.  We do not have any control over your refund.  Once the return leaves our office, via the internet, it will be between you and the IRS.


We do payroll for several local businesses on a weekly, biweekly, semimonthly and monthly basis.  Along with filing all the necessary tax reports that are required for payroll, 941,  monthly and quarterly reports to the state and to the cities, unemployment reports, bureau of workers compensation reports, new hire reports, along with the end of the year reports, 940 and W-2's.  These are all done electronically when possible.


We also do accounts receivable and accounts payable along with balancing check books.   We can take the company from start up straight through the entire process.


Call us if we can be of any service for individual taxes or for your company.